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About This Community

This community is for people who love theatre and playwriting, and would like a forum to share fanfiction based on theatrical plays or written in script form.

Posting Guidelines

Two different types of fanfiction are allowed here:

1) Fic based on theatrical plays, operas, or stage musicals such as Hamlet, Antigone, or A Streetcar Named Desire written in any form: script, screenplay, novel, short story, poem, etc.

2) Fic based on a book, movie, tv, or other fandom written in the form of a theatrical script or screenplay.

There is considerable overlap between the two categories within some fandoms, such as Phantom of the Opera, which may cause confusion, but as long as you use your common sense in deciding what is appropriate to post, the mod thwapping stick will likely stay safely sheathed. If you are uncertain, please drop the mod a note here and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

All genres, pairings (gen, het, and slash), and ratings are welcome, but please post warnings for any adult material. We strongly encourage all members to have the fic read over by a beta reader before posting, to ensure the highest quality of fiction possible for our watchers.

Please use the following basic template above the cut and place the body of your post behind the cut. (If you do not know how to use an lj-cut tag, please go here before posting.)

Warnings: (if applicable)
Author's note: (optional)

In order to assist browsers looking for fics based on a certain play or fandom, please tag your posts with the name of the play or fandom they are based on.

General Guidelines

Flaming, trolling, and n3TspEEk are not tolerated. This community may contain adult content, including sexual situations between heterosexual or homosexual couples, violence, or strong language. Please pay attention to the author's warnings before reading any fic posted here, especially if you are underage or easily offended.

Posts containing anything other than fanfiction, including fic recs and requests and unsolicited community promotion, are off topic unless prior permission for the post has been granted by the mod, and may be deleted without warning.


theatrific will begin holding a monthly challenge when it reaches 20 members.

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